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Process for car grant

St. Croix Valley Christians in Action receives many requests for help each month. It is our desire that what we do will "help" rather than "enable" people. We are small group of volunteers. God and donors expect us to be good stewards of what we have been given to manage. Therefore, before we can give people significant resources, such as a car grant we must ask that they make commitments to become the best steward/manager of the resources they are put in charge of by God. Note: we can not guarantee that a person will receive a vehicle. It depends upon your work, availability of funds, vehicles and volunteers. No one may receive more than one car in their lifetime. No car repair is included with a car grant.

What is required of recipients?

  1. You must complete all of the Basic Biblical Financial class requirements.
  2. You must have a referral from an active pastor in an active Christian church.
  3. You must be working or going to school and have a total income within 200% of Federal Poverty Guidelines.
  4. For others with special needs:

    We will consider a written request in advance from your pastor declaring your special needs for a car. Typical family transportation is not a special need.

    Our program works mainly with single parent moms and married couples who are working or going to school. Our program is not for a typical high-school or college student.
  5. You must have a mentor (see mentor guidelines page 4), and your mentor must attend all of the classes with you.
  6. After completing all class requirements, the instructor will bring your case before St. Croix Valley Christians in Action's benevolence committee. A decision regarding receiving a car will be made based on your budget, your effort in completing the classes and other requirements presented during the class.