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A Christian couple or individual (called Accountability Partner or Mentor) works with someone who is applying (student) for a car grant through St. Croix Valley Christians in Action. If the applicant (student) is married or has a significant other, they must both attend the classes. The mentor cannot be a relative, must be of the same sex, and must be active in their Christian church.

Finding a Mentor

If you do not belong to a church, begin volunteering at a Christian church near you and you will soon meet active Christians who could become your accountability partner(s). You are doing them a favor by asking them to attend these classes as they will probably get as much value from the class as you will and without you they may not be aware of the class or its value to them.


Vehicles are expensive to maintain and replace. Giving someone a free car is often a very short term "fix" unless that person learns how to maintain it, plan for the expenses associated with it and also save for eventual replacement. Without a plan a vehicle can be a heavy drain on limited finances. Having a couple or individual help a person learn basic budgeting has proven to greatly increase the likelihood that person will be able to afford the current and future vehicle maintenance and replacement expenses, including paying cash for the eventual replacement vehicle. Also many graduates of the class find they have become debt free, except for a house mortgage, within 18-30 months of taking the class.

Mentor (Accountability Partner) Guidelines

See "Classes" for additional information.


Mentor's Involvement

The What and Why of a Mentor