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Things your church can do:

  1. Refer low income people who need a car.
  2. Let your congregation members know that if they donate a vehicle to us they will be able to use the Kelly Blue Book – private party value as a tax deduction. Donating it to most other organizations will result in a much smaller tax deduction because most other organizations sell their donations at wholesale auctions and then the person can only deduct the sale amount and not the Blue Book value.

    To donate a vehicle, just bring the vehicle and title to Lake Elmo Repair, 11179 North Stillwater Blvd., Lake Elmo, MN Monday – Friday 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. (651-321-3547). You will receive a tax deductible receipt. If it runs, we can use it to help a low income family.
  3. Help low income people find mentors. See the Mentor Involvement sheet for details. This is a critical need which can only be met by the local church as explained in Why Bible and Church Involvement.
  4. Include St. Croix Valley Christians In Action in your local mission giving.
  5. Have several of your congregation members trained to facilitate the Basic Biblical Finances Class.